How to Write the Index to a Thesis ?

If after years of fatigue you have now reached the end of your university course and are finishing your thesis writing, here are some useful tips. First of all, the degree thesis is not a job to be underestimated, because details will often make the difference. In fact, for the thesis to be carried out with care, it is necessary to take into due consideration even those parts that are more hidden and less obvious. One of these, often unfortunately underestimated by university students, is the index.

The index as the whole thesis, must follow very precise criteria of structure and layout of the page. This is why reading this guide will be useful for not making mistakes and compiling the degree thesis index in the most correct way, so the piece is flawless in every part.

Index Construction

The index is an integral part of a degree thesis, because it performs a function of presenting it. And it is from the index that the various sections of the thesis are consulted. By studying and analyzing the index it is possible to understand well what the main topic of the degree thesis is, but also how it has been addressed and structured, even before proceeding with the complete reading of the thesis.

So the thesis index does not only have the task of indicating the page to which a certain topic corresponds.

Advice on building the index

Pay particular attention to the choice of chapter titles and paragraphs.

Remember that they must clearly express the topic of the section to which they refer, underlining their specificity.

Be careful and avoid spelling errors in the thesis index and, above all, make sure that the numbers of the pages shown correspond exactly to the pages in the text.

To do this, remember that word processors (like Word) allow you to create indexes automatically.

Simply give each chapter or paragraph title in the text the Title 1 or Title 2 format by selecting it from the style box on the toolbar.

So, go to the blank page where you want to insert the thesis index, look for “reference” in the “insert” menu, and select “index and summary”. Choose the summary, and automatically the titles you selected with the respective pages will appear. In this way you can just click on it with the right mouse button and choose “update” to keep your thesis index constantly updated and avoid unpleasant inaccuracies!

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