Advice for those who want to publish a book

Prizes and literary competitions: making themselves known

“Those who aspire to see their talents recognized recognize from the outset that the ways to publish and glory are tortuous and it often takes years before someone decides to bet on him. He takes part in competitions, he knocks on many doors and waits with infinite patience “(from editors of themselves, Silvia Gigli)

DIY publishing: look for a sponsor

Whoever is in a hurry and prefers not to wait for the ways of literary competitions can play everything for everything and make an investment, paying for the publication. This is what happens in most cases: the publisher in front of the first-time author asks for a contribution for the first publication, buying a certain quantity of copies to cover printing and distribution costs.

In this case the author may decide to invest in himself to the full, paying his share directly, or search for some sponsors willing to purchase a certain number of copies in advance.

The choice of the type of publication: manuals or poetry?

“The most successful books and sponsors are the themed books, such as books on the history of ceramics, books that can be easily used as Christmas gifts and manuals.” Manuals are snapped up, those can be a good investment too “For publishers,” says Mauro Pagliai, “the poems, on the other hand, very rarely succeed in breaking through. In those cases, I advise the author to turn to a printer instead of a publisher. The expense will be minimal and he will take away satisfaction.” to have printed a text ‘”(from editors of themselves, Silvia Gigli)

1) Do you want to write an essay or a textbook text?

Great idea: but you need to know your topic well.

The ideal is that you are an expert in a particular field, by passion or by profession it doesn’t matter: what matters is what you have to tell, to teach others.

Some examples:

– are you a passionate sportsman or hobbyist and maybe even good at a still not very common specialty? Why not write a book of tips for those who want to try an approach to the same discipline? You will certainly find a publisher ready to consider your text carefully.

– do you have a thorough knowledge of a particular geographical area, travel, etc.? You have the path open in a series of journeys or historical-cultural analysis.

– do you have a journalistic streak and you want to try out a book that divulges an important topic? if it is topical, surely it is the right moment to write it.

In this case, once the topic is finalized and the bulk of the text is written, all that remains is to move towards a publisher who can really be interested, choosing it in relation to the curated necklaces and the type of book they publish.

2) Do you want to write a literary text?

The idea is a little less good, because – let’s face it – there are very few people beyond your range of acquaintances who want to read texts that are sometimes too tied to the biography of those who write them. But you never know:

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